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Rising Stars and Heroes [Dec. 6th, 2007|01:33 pm]
Heroes is not being written well. This upsets me because Jeph Loeb is the man, and really all the episodes that have decent dialogue are to his credit written by him, be he seems stuck with a bunch of other writers who demand mediocrity and stringing an audience base along. We watch because we keep hoping that they will take the world they have built and rise above the content that have delivered. We also keep watching because with the exception of the greatly depraved Smallville there is nothing else for our particular audience base on TV.

So here is an idea. get my man Joe Michael Straczynski and create a Rising Stars Tv show. The thinga bout Heroes is we watch it but it is certainly not immune to competition. Take said Rising Stars show place it in the exact same time slot and watch Heroes fall to the deadly clutch of Poet's hand. Heroes is as close of a rip off to Rising Stars that I fear Rising Stars may lose credibility just through association.
"Yeah Rising Stars it was this comic book like Heroes..."
"...Ugh Heroes, I watched that for a little bit but that show sucked, why would I read such a comic."

JMS who is also the President of a certain writers guild (let this be a lesson, even writers of bad sci-fi like Babylon 5 and He-Man can one day be respected) that happens to be striking at the moment (WAY TO GO! STICK IT TO THE MAN!), needs to stand up and defend his work (but only after he gets paid more for it) and get great ratings in the process. This will have the added benefit of forcing Heroes into failure so that maybe NBC will ask Aaron Sorkin to write something new for them. One can wish.

All I'm saying her is Peter Petrelli is no Poet.

[User Picture]From: lazyeclipse
2007-12-07 09:20 pm (UTC)
HEY PZZZZZUNk B5 is a good show!!! You just have to get past that first season...... anyway I agree with everything else you said.
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